Design document

1. Introduction

Über Strife Orchestra is a 3D fighting game based on the webcomic Homestuck, from Andrew Hussie,
and starring many of its characters, concepts, bullshit terms and locales.

The gameplay, vaguely similar in style to the game Power Stone, is designed to be
simple to pick up (as it is built from a 3D platformer control scheme, the same way the Super Smash Brothers series has simple 2D controls) but to have a degree of depth and variety. Like Street Fighter, the combat system is built on a pseudo Rock-Paper-Scissors system, consisting of attacks (normal/combos, specials, Fraymotifs), guarding (Parrying) and throwing (Hurling).

The 2D in-game art depicting characters is drawn with the comic's very own "Hero Mode" style (albeit mixing in some of Hussie's traditional art style); non-character art assets should be drawn with a similar "pixelated" art style.

The (cel-shaded?) models depicting the characters should be designed with a PS1/Dreamcast low-poly aesthetic in mind, containing pixelated, small, simple textures. Similarily, the terrain should be low-poly and not too detailed. A toggleable Jet Set Radio-ish outline will also be implemented. A "No Arms Mode" will be available, showing the meshes of the arms only when necessary.

As for the music, either I ask to use the original compositions, or, using midis, I could make "remixes" involving soundfonts. Most text should be antialiased, Bold, 14pt Courier New (unless noted otherwise).

2 - Mechanics, Controls, and Modes of Play

> Left Analog Stick: gives total analog control over the character.

MOVING it slightly will result in that character walking towards the desired direction (a casual STRUT, if you will), while tilting it all the way makes the character run (a state I call the TROT). Just like a 3D platformer, controls are super duper tight, responsive and springy (like Super Mario Sunshine).

DOUBLE TAPPING the stick ON THE GROUND will make the character dash at his/her highest speed (SCUTTLE) and then shift him organically in another, slightly slower, run state (SCAMPER). If the character is in the air, the control over him/her is reduced (but not outright removed), but it is possible to radically change direction with a double jump.

DOUBLE TAPPING the stick IN THE AIR will make the character perform an air dash (AIR SCOOT/AIR SCUTTLE). If the character has performed an Air Saltation, it is not possible to perform an Air Scoot/Scuttle.

PRESSING THE STICK makes the character taunt (ACCUSE).

> Right Analog Stick: in game modes that allow it (for example, Walkaround/Uberbound Mode), and with the behind-the-camera mode option enabled, MOVING it controls the camera.

PRESSING the stick resets the camera behind the character.

> Cross: makes character ascend.

PRESSING it on the GROUND makes the character jump.

PRESSING it in the AIR makes the character double jump (AIR SALTATION). This resets the character's momentum, and allows them to move in an opposite direction.

In certain game modes/if the option is enabled, HOLDING the button in the AIR after a double jump makes the character FLY (no fancy timey name for that! Gotcha!!! hehehe) (controls are like Tails' flight in Sonic Adventure).

It is not possible to double jump if the character has performed an Air Scoot/Scuttle.

> Square: makes the character AGGRESS.

Barring some exceptions, the character can perform three-hit-combos (or two if you charge the second attack).

FIRST HIT: happens when you first press the button. This hit varies depending whether you are:

  • standing/STRUTTING
  • in the air

In some characters, some FIRST HITS can be charged for some extra damage.

SECOND IMPACT: happens when you press the button again after a First Hit.

This hit varies depending on the direction you are holding the analog stick in, and can be performed both on the ground and while airborne.

  • Stick UP: hits enemy in the air
  • Stick DOWN: shoves enemy down
  • Stick SIDE: hits enemy in such a way that the hots carries them to the requested direction
  • Stick UNTOUCHED: simply hits enemy carrying him forward
  • Note that this hit can be charged.

THIRD STRIKE: happens when you press the button again after a SECOND IMPACT.

This hit varies depending on the direction you are holding the analog stick in, and can be performed both on the ground and while airborne. This hit cannot be charged.

  • Stick UNTOUCHED or SIDE: knock opponent far, in the desired direction.
  • Stick UP: juggle enemy upwards and far.
  • Stick DOWN: knockdown, enemy slides far.
  • After this, the combo "level" resets. If the character is on the ground, he can’t attack for a short while.
  • If the character is airborne, they cannot attack unless they get back on the ground.

> Triangle: perform a STRIFE TECHNIQUE.

These are special techniques that change from character to character. The type of technique depends on what direction you're holding the stick in.

  • Neutral: usually a projectile, or a powerful chargeable move (maybe both: in Smash, Samus has a Charge Shot as her neutral sepcial). They usually do not move the character (anti-example from Smash: Captain Falcon’s Falcon Punch)
  • Up: either a momentum boost (for example, Fox’s) or a more “horizontal”/short ranged projectile (Samus’ missile/PK Fire.). Note that in the first case, the character has some ending lag, and the momentum doesn’t carry into trotting/scampering/scuttling.
  • Down: usually the character’s recovery move, with the most vertical range. Makes most characters helpless after being used.
  • Side: this attack varies from character to character. It can be anything! Usually with minimal movement.

These attacks can be combo’d from and into normals. The “hit counter” doesn’t reset though: third attacks mean combo end for a super short while.

> Triangle and Square: perform a FRAYMOTIF.

A Fraymotif is the strongest (in some cases, borderline OP) attack a character has. These can only be performed when the FUSILLADE METER is full of FUSILLADE GEL, which happens when you hit the other guy, or when you get hit.

Depending on who you play as, you can have moves like a very big homing projectile, a tackle, a grab, a giant laser... still, it’s important to make them avoidable, in order to make them more like Street Fighter’s Super Combos and less like Final Smashes.

> R1: perform a PARRY.

Simple as that. As long as the R1 is held and the character is on the ground, they will be in a defensive state. In this state, the character is totally impervious to normal attacks, and gets chip damage from Strife Techniques and Fraymotifs.

((There is release lag))

((There is some turn lag so if you jump over your opponent can attempt to hit them))

> Circle: HURL

A super short range, low priority ground attack, that leaves you pretty vulnerable after performing it. It’s the only attack that breaks a Parry.

3 - Characters, Leitmotifs, Costumes, Stats, Moves and Fraymotifs




Description of character

Strife Specibus/physical description.

God Tier specifics.

Playstyle description, advantages + disvantages.


  • Grit: x/10
  • Scamper: y/10
  • Fortitude: z/10



  • First Hits
    • Standing:
    • Air:
    • Scuttling:
  • Second Hit
    • On ground:
      • No tilt:
      • Side tilt:
      • Up tilt:
      • Down tilt:
    • In air:
      • No tilt:
      • Side tilt:
      • Up tilt:
      • Down tilt:
  • Third Strikes
    • On ground:
      • No tilt/side tilt:
      • Down tilt:
      • Up tilt:
    • In air:
      • No tilt/side tilt:
      • Down tilt:
      • Up tilt:
  • Hurl:


  • Neutral:
  • Down:
  • Side:
  • Up:


  • Description


  • List


  • Intro
    • General:
    • VS character.
  • Win
    • General:
    • VS character.



Color: #0715cd

A nice, dorky kid with a penchant for crappy movies, pranks, video games and comedy. While he can be sort of a doofus, John is also an absolutely lovable guy and a great leader, and it's no secret I like him a lot!

His STRIFE SPECIBUS is hammerkind, and he is very proficient at wielding heavy hammers (such as his main weapon, the Warhammer of Zillyhoo.) As the HEIR OF BREATH, he has control over wind, which he can shapeshift into quick gusts, as well as towering tornadoes.

His playstyle is average: he's the "Ryu" of this game, a jack-of-all-trades character who's both decently fast and strong. His advantage is that he has at least a move for almost every situation, but his disadvantage is that it makes him predictable.


  • Grit: 7/10
  • Scamper: 6.5/10
  • Fortitude: 7/10

Range: middle (has two projectiles, and his Fraymotif is long-range, but every other move is short-range).


  • First Hits
    • Standing: an overhead hammer swing (Zillyhoo)
    • Air: a downwards hammer swing (Zillyhoo)
    • Scuttling: egbert punch!!
  • Second Hit
    • On ground:
      • No tilt: poke with the head of the hammer (Zillyhoo)
      • Side tilt: horizontal hammer strike (Fear no Anvil) (in the direction of tilt)
      • Up tilt: upward hammer strike (Wrinklefucker)
      • Down tilt: downward hammer strike (Zillyhoo)
    • In air:
      • No tilt: egbert kick!!
      • Side tilt: horizontal hammer strike (Vrillyhoo) (in the direction of tilt)
      • Up tilt: upward hammer strike (Pogo Hammer)
      • Down tilt: downward hammer strike (Tiny Sassacrusher)
  • Third Strikes
    • On ground:
      • No tilt/side tilt: baseball strike (Vrillyhoo)
      • Down tilt: slash strike (Fear no Anvil)
      • Up tilt: egbert uppercut!!
    • In air:
      • No tilt/side tilt: baseball strike (Vrillyhoo)
      • Down tilt: slash strike (Tiny Sassacrusher)
      • Up tilt: reverse slash strike (Wrinklefucker)
  • Hurl: Dad-style choke hold, then throw.


  • Neutral: Heir Blast: John fires a fast, large-ish, homing-ish gust of wind. (Projectile.)
  • Down: Heir Tornado: John’s legs become a tornado as he fl ies upwards. (A close-quarter move.)
  • Side: CRAZY DAMAGE BONK: John slowly baseball-swings his Fear No Anvil, tanking 2 hits tops and the enemy becomes stuck in time for a few seconds (about 2, though button mashing cuts the time down). A Scuttle cancels out this move. This move is similar to a Focus Attack.
  • Up: Heir Bullet: faster, smaller projectile that moves in a straight line.


  • A.K.A Doing the Windy Thing for some seconds (tons of homing-ish projectiles), and then releasing a final circular blast. The closer you are, the more likely you'll get hit.


  • Green Slime Ghost Shirt (ALT: Spade Shirt, Disguise, Trickster Mode)
  • Green Slime Suit (ALT: Regular Suit, Wind Suit, Trickster Mode)
  • Vriska Outfit (ALT: Wind Vriska Suit, Troll!John, Trickster Mode)
  • Hood Up God Tier (ALT: First Guardian, Crockercorp, Trickster Mode)
  • Hood Down God Tier (ALT: First Guardian, Crockercorp, Trickster Mode)
  • Extra Costumes (Prospit Pajamas, Ghostbusters Suit, Poe Cosplay, Link, First Guardian, Joker)


  • Intro
    • General:
      • JOHN: alright, bring it!!
      • JOHN: time for a friendly sparring session!
      • JOHN: haha, i'm definitely *NOT* going to lose! >:B
        • VS character.
          • VS JOHN CLONE:

            JOHN: ...huh. who'd think a clone of me existed?

            (JOHN): i know, right?

          • VS ROSE:

            JOHN: time to see whose majicks are stronger, rose! hehe. :B

            ROSE: John, do you really think it's wise to taunt a majician? ;)

          • VS DAVE:

            JOHN: is friendly fighting a thing bros tend to do, dave?

            DAVE: nah man just gotta keep you sharp

            DAVE: cant have our leader get out of shape

            DAVE: plus obama warned me danger might strike again so we have to be ready for that

          • VS JADE:

            JOHN: i promise to not hit your glasses, jade, but only if you don't hit mine!

            JADE: ehehehe, you got it!!!

          • VS KARKAT:

            JOHN: come on, karkat! i wanna see how strong you are!



          • VS TEREZI:

            JOHN: AAAAUGH!!! stop being such a fucking weirdo, terezi!!! geez!!

            TEREZI: YOU'R3 SO CUT3 WH3N YOU G3T IRRIT4T3D <3<

          • VS VRISKA:

            JOHN: i know you're not one for an even fight, but do try to lay off the luck stealing, will you?

            VRISKA: Hmmmmmmmm, I'll think about it. :::;)

          • VS GAMZEE:

            JOHN: wait, aren't you that creepy juggalo murderer troll? weren't you locked in a fridge?

            GAMZEE: I wAs

            GAMZEE: I sWeAr I'vE cHaNgEd :O(

            GAMZEE: PlEaSe DoN't ThRoW mE bAcK iN tHe FrIdGe :O(

          • VS EQUIUS:

            JOHN: i, uh. oh. wow. you- you are, uh, very, very buff. (how strong is this guy?!)

            EQUIUS: D--> Than% human leader

            EQUIUS: D--> Oh my

            EQUIUS: D--> Would you happen to have a towel on your person

          • VS NEPETA:

            JOHN: hey, you're that cute cat troll! nice to meet you, i'm john.

            NEPETA: :33 < nice to m33t you too, john, i'm nepeta!! :33 VS SOLLUX: you... seem very un happy. can i help you with anything? VS KANAYA: it goes without saying, but i'd rather you didn't bisect me. :P VS TAVROS: i know we had a disagreement because of the ring thing, but i still think we can be pals! :D VS ARADIA: oh, i remember you! you're the dead-not-dead girl from the dream bubbles! VS FEFERI: i don't think i ever met you... hi, i'm john! :D VS ERIDAN: weren't you the jerk who killed two or three trolls? i don't think i wanna talk to you! VS DAD: are you ready for pure egbert rough housing, dad?? :D

      • Win
        • General:
        • VS character.
      QUOTES Win General: - yep, can't beat the pranking master! VS JOHN CLONE: there can be only one!! oh man, i always wanted to say that. and sorry for beating you up, other john. VS ROSE: see, rose? wind majicks are the best! VS DAVE: bro stuff sure is complicated... i think i'd just want to hang out with you and karkat! VS JADE: it's been a while since we hung out! you wanna watch a movie later? VS KARKAT: wait, you have a troll will smith? that's an incredible coincidence! VS TEREZI: ...goddamnit, you are too adorable. *spade sign* VS VRISKA: i still don't understand how can you fight with those dice. no offense, but you should get a more practical weapon... like a hammer. hammers rule! VS GAMZEE: ...yeah, i should probably lock you in the fridge again. VS EQUIUS: man, you're the strongest dude i have ever seen since my dad. that's no small feat! VS NEPETA: sure, i'd love to role play with you later! VS SOLLUX: hey, cheer up! at least you're not whole dead. uh. dead dead...? these terms are getting so fucking confusing. VS KANAYA: a lip stick becoming a chain saw... you know, i think i saw something like that somewhere. hm. VS TAVROS: hey, have you ever seen a movie called con air? it's super good! VS ARADIA: no, there haven't been any "corspe parties" lately. sorry to disappoint! :/ VS FEFERI: hahaha, stop! i can only handle so many fish puns! :D VS ERIDAN: ...did you just propose to me? leave me alone you creep! VS DAD: you know, i really am glad to see you again. :D ================================================================================================================================================= ROSE LALONDE A stoic, well-read, snarky girl. She used to have an interest in Lovectaftian-ish beings. Rose tends to be secretive of her emotions, even though she has learned to open up lately, mainly to her wife Kanaya. Even if sometimes she might seem cynical, Rose has nothing but her friends' best interests in mind. (And that's why she's so great!!) She wields the NEEDLEKIND specibus, primarily the Needles of Echidna, that allow her to channel pure Light majicks through them in order to shoot powerful beams. As the SEER OF LIGHT, Rose's abilites are mainly non-physical, and let her find the best course of action in order to obtain victory. I am, of course, going to ignore most of that, and have her shoot tendrils and tentacles out of her wands (in order to attack enemies from afar, but also to simulate the Amazing Knitting Action she displayed back in Act 3). Rose's playstyle is as elegant as she is. Her strongest attacks (which are some of her slowest) have longer than average reach, but she is rather lacking in physical close attacks. Her main way of dealing damage, special asides, is via "death of a thousand cuts", meaning that she is more specialized in dealing a lot of hits that don't do a lot of damage, rather than heavy hitting. That said, she is faster than the average character, so she has an easier time dodging attacks (Youth Roll, anyone?). In short, her disadvantage is her physical weakness (although she can take punishment normally), and her advantage is her long range and speed. GENERAL STATS Grit: 5.5/10 Scamper: 7.5/10 Fortitude: 7/10 Range: mostly long. GRIMDARK EDITION Rose will also be playable in her "Grimdark Mode", so to call it, referencing her descent into Grimdarkness back in Act 5 Act 2. Her moveset is completely identical to regular Rose's, though some animations might need to be changed, and she has a different ending. The main differences are that the Light attacks are colored black, instead of white, and that Rose is coated in a tendril-filled dark aura. AGGRESSIONS FIRST HITS Standing: a stab with her Needle. Jumping: a swipe of her Needle. Scuttling: a Stinger-like stab. SECOND IMPACTS THIRD STRIKES COSTUMES AND COLORS: - Squiddle Shirt: Original, Grimdark, Scarf, Grimdark Scarf, Trickster - Dresses: Velvet, Kanaya Dark, Grimdark Velvet, Grimdark Kanaya Dark, Trickster Velvet, Trickster Kanaya Dark - God Tier: No Hood, Hood, Grimdark, Date, Trickster - Misc: Prospit, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Troll, Raven, Gaz


      DAVE STRIDER ================================================================================================================================================= JADE HARLEY ================================================================================================================================================= > ALPHA TROLLS KARKAT VANTAS ================================================================================================================================================= TEREZI PYROPE VRISKA SERKET GAMZEE MAKARA EQUIUS ZAHHAK NEPETA LEIJON SOLLUX CAPTOR KANAYA MARYAM TAVROS NITRAM ARADIA MEGIDO FEFERI PEIXES ERIDAN AMPORA > OTHERS DAD RANDOM QUOTE IDEAS ME VS ANDREW


      ANDREW: Oh god, another one of those. ANDREW WINS ANDREW: I'm calling the cops. ME VS JOHN ME: [cries] john, you truly are the best boi. don't let anyone ever tell tou otherwise. JOHN: okay, and thank you! other characters to be added (for example, the alpha kids, PS, AH, Jack/Bec Noir, LE, Crush Groove, SBAHJ, Doc Scratch?, Jack English??.... me) 4 - Stages and music [TBA] 5 - Modes of play [TBA] 6 - Endings [TBA] 7 - What's left to do Pretty much... everything. I still have a ton of characters to write stuff for, and only John's first costume has some work done. I still even need to wrap up the design doc. Holy hell this is going to be a long project. I'm excited. :D